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Designing to allow breath and reflection

Letting images speak

Marcelo Oseas graduated in Economic Sciences, and specialized in Social Welfare Policies, acting in large Brazilian companies, as well as in third sector organizations.

In 2012, Marcelo decided to migrate to Visual Arts and has worked as a documentary photographer ever since.

Due to his previous experience, Marcelo's work addresses themes around the appreciation of traditional communities and the critical perception of nowadays habits, such as unrestrained production and consumption. While expressing a sensitive and humanized approach, he seeks to create impact through guiding and expanding the awareness of observers.

But Marcelo was struggling to structure and communicate his competitive differential, even though he already was an award-winning photographer. He wasn't able to clearly communicate his work's value to potential clients and was wasting a lot of time with meetings and negotiations that wouldn't convert into concrete business deals.

With that in mind, we researched the photography market in Brazil, studied government incentive programs, identified some trends around the world, and interviewed clients and other potential stakeholders to design a whole new digital strategy.

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