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Gaining voice in a saturated market

Strengthening brand positioning through founders' history

Started years earlier as a creative collective, Estudio Cajuina  has always had a very particular identity to their productions.

But, since the transition to becoming a creative studio, and the consequent adoption of a more sober style, the team was strugling to understand the value of their services and how they could position and sell theirselves to the right clients.

After a brand and culture diagnosis and some market and user research, there was a clear opportunity to be presented to the studio.

As individual creative professionals, their strenght was in their purpose and the causes that they believed were worth defending. The market was composed predominantly by male founders and professionals. The trends were pointing towards higher influence for women power and black culture movements. And the clients believed the founders' background to be highly valuable for the final results of different projects.

1st Afro-Brazilian Culture Award